Security info


We at Norfolk Lights & Hydroponics Center LTD take our & your security very seriously. We operate our own in house servers so no ones data is stored anywhere else except our drives.

Our servers encrypt your data using the latest encryptions techniques ensuring your data is secure from theft. We also run the latest in SSL encryption throughout our site ensuring that your connection with us is secured. Also because we run our own DNS server we can also run Domain Name System Security Extensions. Ensuring your secure from MITM attacks. 
We also monitor & update our servers on a daily basis to ensure we are running the latest security fixes. 

Avoiding traffic analysis: 

What is traffic analysis?

Traffic analysis is something the ISP & governments of the world have been doing for a long time. Projects like DRDO NETRA, PRISM & other surveillance techniques keeps the powers that be informed about your browsing habits & interests.

Why do I care who looks at my internet activity ?

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about mass surveillance of the internet. First on the list should be protection from the misuse of your information. I wouldn't want anyone to be able to view my bank statements, previous searches for employment, medical history etc. Not every person employed to enforce the laws and handle sensitive are trustworthy. There have been many cases of abuse of powers & illegal activity from the powers that be. You have to ask yourself one question ? Why do they need to collate and store this data ? 

What can I do to avoid traffic analysis ?

There are several projects with multi platform tools to aid this. Remember nothing is 100% secure but by using tools to hide browsing activity will defiantly make it harder in not impossible for your activity to be tracked.

We at Norfolk Lights donate bandwidth & resources to two anonymity projects. One is I2P and the other is TOR. We plan to host this site within I2P as well as on the clear net, please stand by for more information.

If you would like to read up and start using some of the tools mentioned here please follow the links below. Also if you find these tools useful, please donate !! Especially to the I2P project as they are a small group of knowledgeable guys with a need for support to keep growing and providing great services like they do.