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NEW !†ORCA Grow Film

ORCA Grow Film provides a 99% full-spectrum diffuse reflectance with no color shift or iridescence so the light reflected from its surface maintains the original color spectrum/wavelength produced from your grow lamps!

ORCA Grow Film Reflective Sheeting

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NEW !Black Box †Professional Contactors

The Black Box 8 Contactor is a professional heavy duty industrial lighting switch that offers unrivalled quality and reliability.

Black Box - 4 Way Contactor

Black Box - 4 Way Contactor

Black Box - 4 Way Contactor

4 Way Contactor

6 Way Contactor

8 Way Eco-Switch

The New Line up from Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ingitor

BUD IGNITOR - Hereís good news for growers who want larger and more valuable yields. Itís a flower booster that makes your plants produce more flowers per inch of stem while triggering earlier onset of flowering so flowers swell and ripen faster and you harvest sooner.

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X

BUD FACTOR X - Bloom boosters and a good base fertilizer are important, but it took until now for scientists to master the secrets of how you stimulate your plants to produce heavier harvests and higher percentages of essential oils.

Advanced Nutrients - Nirvana

NIRVANA Finally thereís an organic bloom booster that delivers large yields just like synthetic boosters do! Advanced Nirvana, itís great for all kinds of gardening, including organic gardening, hydroponics, soil and other gardens where you grow high-value plants.

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy

BUD CANDY- And youíre probably among the increasing number of growers who prefer using organic crop inputs wherever itís practical, because you like the assurance of using nature-derived substances that are guaranteed to feed the metabolic pathways your plants use to create taste, aroma and size, we give you Advanced Bud Candy

Advanced Nutrients - Rhino Skin

RHINO SKIN is the new silicon product from Advanced Nutrients. Letís face it, your investment of your time and money in your indoor gardening is all about producing more essential oils while defeating powdery mildew, gray mold, spider mites, aphids, harmful fungi, diseases, stress, heat, drought and other problems that can crush your crops and slow your progress towards a better future.

Our tailor-made Ferro Nutrient range for East Anglia, Yarmouth and Norwich starts at £13.49 for two litres of A+B Grow or Bloom, for Hydroponics or Soil. Also available in the range is the Bio Roots and Bio Crop at £24.99 per Litre with the rest of the Additives at £13.49 per litre. For any nutrient range, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW

Growth Technology Nutrients Plagron Nutrients Hydrogarden Nutrients General Hydro Nutrients





Ferro Nutrients

Canna Nutrients

Biobizz Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients


With Canna Aqua Vega & Flores 1 Litre Starting at £12.99, it is easy to start growing with the most popular nutrients, or just click on the icons above.

Rhino Carbon Filters


Starting at £54.00, the original Phat Carbon Filters ( now called RHINO) are the ultimate in complete volatile organic particulate control.We also stock a range of Activated Carbon Filter Kits. A Fresh Air Kit Consists of a HVK Fan, Fresh Air Filter and 5 mtr of Ducting with 2 Worm Drive Clamps included. Please call 01603 666199 for a price on Fresh air kits, starting from £96.29 for a 100mm.

Grostar Reflector and Digital Ballast


Featuring the all new Grostar Parabolic Shade with the Future Tech Dimmable Ballast and the Sunpulse Digital 3K Lamp. This Grow light is for the professional grower who wants maximum results. The Grostar 42" Parabolic Reflector will cover an area of 1.5mtrsq, compared to the 1.2mtrs of a standard 600 watt ballast. If you are serious about growing then this is the Hydroponic grow light of the highest spec.

Power Plant Daylight Hobby Kit


With Hydroponic Lighting starting at £95.00, the starter grow light Powerplant Hobby range, which runs either Metal Halide HID/MH or Sodium son t plus lamps, it does'nt cost the earth to get growing.

Hydroponic Starter Kit


With this Hydroponic Kit you will be able to start your plants off in the supplied Grodan cubes. With these Hydroponic Systems you can transport them to your Grow Tank and watch with delight as your new plants accelerate and bloom in the comfort of your own growing space with modern day technology.

Hydroponic Grow Tents


Create the perfect growing environments simply and easily. Just clip the frame together and zip the Grow Tent around it, and you have a ready made Grow room. With a range of Grow Tents from BudBox, Darkroom, Homebox and the Grow tent, you will be able to find any indoor grow room to suit your needs.

NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, for all online enquiries, we have an extensive knowledge of the Hydroponic growing industry and can supply you with all the growing equipment enabling you to grow with confidence all year round.

By opening our doors 7 DAYS A WEEK we are able to meet our growers needs whether they wish to visit our trade area personally or contact us by telephone you can be sure of 1st class friendly service.

We stock all your favourite Hydroponic nutrients and lighting with many CFL's, Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs available to tailor your Hydroponic system to your individual needs.

We have cheap Hydroponic Systems and Kits for you to cultivate your growing desire indoors at home or whether you choose.

Many products are available to purchase online in our cool Hydroponic shop at greatly reduced prices! Just take a look at our site map for all the choices we have on offer.

Our customers keep returning because we offer a great friendly service with value for money - all our prices are inclusive of VAT and we have one of the most competitive delivery tariff's to UK and Europe, on the market! Just hit the 'Estimate Shipping' button for a quote before you reach the checkout. You are also able to collect or gain a delivery price for an area not covered in our zones by selecting the 'store walk in' option..

Our site is fully secure and all consignments can be tracked by a reliable carrier.

Hydroponics is a great hobby at any time of the year, for the complete beginner to the commercial grower... So, come and grow all year round with us.

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