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Designed and Engineered by The Experts.

Our flagship grow tent range, Green-Qube, stands for quality. These tents are built to last and best of all they are at a price that is affordable. Super strong, ultra tough and packed full of clever and practical features, Green-Qube grow tents really are the best on the market and best of at all, the are exceptionally great value. You can opt for 2 different height options on any of our tents (GQ120 or larger), choose either the standard 2m or the extended 2.2m high tent. We are excited to have the only grow tent out there that measures 2.2m tall; maximise your grow with this extra height and ideal if you are using Gavita lights too.


Extra Height: We now offer our Green-Qube tent range in two height options (applicable for the GQ120 and all larger tents). You can opt for our standard 2m high tents or go large and choose our 2.2m tall tents – for no extra cost! The benefit of having a taller tent is that you can grow more! As most ceilings are higher than 2m, why have a tent that stops at 2m? By extending our tents to 2.2m tall you can maximise this space giving you even more height to grow. Ideal for Gavita lights so you get a better light dispersal.

The LightSaver®: Help stop any ‘glow’ from your tent with the brand new, exclusive LightSaver®. This is a FREE upgrade. Its clever design creates an external light box around each of the air vents that captures the light and deflects it directly onto the ground decreasing the amount of light leakage into the room. Clever huh?!

So What is A Green-Qube Grow Tent?

Green-Qube grow tents provide cutting edge, innovative design that is easy-to-assemble, strong and durable. These tents were designed and built to last. If you see a Green-Qube grow tent can instantly see the difference between it and the other tents on the market. A Green-Qube grow tent has some of the thickest poles on the market and they are the only grow tent out there that has super-tough military waterproof zips. Together with the exclusive uplift bar for gravity-fed hydroponic water systems such as AutoPots and IWS, viewing windows, double over sized socks to fit all ducting, double stitched trim, diamond cut superior Mylar fabric and outside passive vents, the Green-Qube really can give you everything that you need from a grow tent – at a price that is affordable. The Green-Qube prides itself in offering high quality but most importantly at affordable prices.

Gavita lights for Green Qube grow tents Use Gavita lights? Get More Height With The Green-Qube

You can now opt for any of our Green-Qube grow tents (apart from the GQ60,GQ80, GQ100 and GQ1530) to come with extra height! Instead of having a 2m tall tent, the standard heigh for grow tents, why not opt for our 2.2m tall tent so you have an extra couple of centimetres of growing space – they really do make all the difference! Especially if you use Gavita lights. Our 2.2m tall tents are designed with Gavita lights in mind so that you can get these higher, giving you a better light spread.

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