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2 GHE Ripen , General Hydroponics Europe

Ripen , General Hydroponics Europe

General hydroponics ripen, is a liquid that is used as a catylst that speeds up the rate in which your plant reacts with the oxygen and nutrients surrounding it.General hydroponics ripen, basicly forces the plant to speeds up its ripening process hence the name "Ripen". This is particularly useful if you have only a certain amount of time to produce your crops by, and also increases the amount...

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4 GHE Waterfarm - Complete Kit with Pump

Waterfarm - Complete Kit with Pump

The Waterfarm complete Kit - supplied with all you need to grow ! An excellent choice for a good drip hydoponic system This system was developed and popularized by General Hydroponics nearly twenty years ago as their first product. The original design, which is still in production, is known as the "Aquafarm". In recent years it has seen new embodiments named the "Watergarden" (a decorative...