Ferro Custom Made Nutrients NORFOLK & ESSEX water regions

Ferro Regional COCO GROW Nutrient ESSEX (& Great Yarmouth) SET (A + B) Available 1, 5 & 10 Litre SETS
Ferro Regional COCO GROW Nutrient ESSEX (& Great Yarmouth) SET (A + B) Available 1, 5 & 10 Litre SETS
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  • Manufactured by: Ferro

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This Nutrient is for use in Coco systems in the grow phase.

The great advantage of Regional nutrient is that all the elements are calculated, resulting in a completely balanced nutrient. Because of this the cultivator can work with a higher E.C. producing and retaining more dry material and therefore increasing the harvest.

FERRO tailor-made nutrients, well known in the Netherlands, has its roots in the Dutch flower, fruit and vegetable industry and has expanded into the home-growers market.

Some 15 years ago an original nutrient recipe was developed for home growing. Over a two-year period FERRO developed and refined this recipe. Using in-house resources Ferro has developed a superior professional nutrient, using only the highest quality ingredients regardless of price.

This is most notable in the quality of iron (Fe) used, which together with magnesium is responsible for keeping the plant green. The type of iron used by FERRO is normally only used in the flower and vegetable industry if the cultivator has a problem with his crop. The cultivator can use the same iron as FERRO whenever necessary but is prohibited from so doing simply by the price. The price of high-quality iron can be 40 times the cost of normal iron generally used in the production of most nutrients.

Using a balanced nutrient removes the necessity to rinse the growing medium, removing surplus nutrient-salts, simply because there are no excesses or shortcomings present during cultivation.

FERRO nutrients, A complete nutrient line to feed your crop in a professional manner.

Ferro Regional Nutrients are CUSTOMISED nutrients for specific area's - These tailor made for areas covered by the ESSEX Water board.

Tailor made nutrients a Available: 1, 5, and 10 Litre SETS for which you will receive the same size bottle for both A & B

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